Friday, 7 June 2019

Gloire de Dijon - The Rose

Photo- courtesy of Rosarium Lottum
My Botanical pick of the week among the many flowers I've exploring is the rose named: Gloire de Dijon. A Rose among many from the Rosacea family, this rose is known as a climbing rose. Not much is known on its health benefits outside of the family of roses; this being what I was particularly interested in. However, it is known to be resistant to diseases itself. It does not have your conventional rose features, but it stands on its own, and is known in English as the Old Glory of Dijon. The leaves are usually ivorish, and grow as tall as eight (8) feet. 
Now, one particularity, it falls among the roses that are turned into teas. Now teas made of rose petals have lots of health benefits, so I chose to list some of these here.

  1. Skin Friendly: Rose petals teas are restorative in many ways for your skin because rose petals have Vitamin A, Vitamin E known to be antioxidants, antiseptic, anti-bacterials, etc... It will deal with your acne, rashes, skin dehydration...
  2. Alleviator of Dysmenorrhea: one natural treatment besides visiting the Blessed Sacrament or receiving the Body of Christ until our Lord and Savior miraculously cures you from heavy pains that accompany your heavy menstruations is Rose Petals tea. It unclogs your blood flow, alleviates the pain and much more.
  3. Weight loss helper... Strengthens your Immune System, including efficacious digestion of your meals, an efficacious treatment of your constipation ... packed with Vitamine C equating 60 oranges per tea cup, it also . 
  4. Anti-depressant... Rose petals teas assist with sleeping disorders, stress, anxiety.
  5. You might be used to buying teas, but some of links below give you recipes on making your own Rose Petals teas at home.
  6. There are many more health benefits that you can both view in this video and articles below along with potential side effects as to the dosage and the timing recommended to take rose teas.

Fanny Magnificat, MZRB

Thursday, 20 December 2018